Digital Smile Design

At our clinic we tap into technology in our effort to engineer perfect smiles. It’s how we can digitally design your new smile and let you see the end result before treatment has even begun.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design:

  • Lets your dentist digitally simulate various treatment options before finally deciding which is right for your smile, making for an optimised treatment planning process.
  • Effective dentist-patient communication, so care recipients have a hand in designing their particular treatment.
  • Patients can see aesthetic results for themselves prior to treatment.
  • Optimally configured data promotes communication among the distinct specialists overseeing treatment.

Digital Smile Design includes:

  • Photos and measurements of patient’s teeth and smile, taken during the first appointment, are used by our software to start the design process.
  • Patients see the design for their new smile, and if they like it, we send it to the lab.
  • Digital Design makes for treatments that are more precise and more effective, so you can have a perfectly predictable, perfect smile.

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