Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, the branch of dental science concerned with restoring the beauty of your teeth and gums, makes use of a range of treatment options. Each one is fine-tuned to address the needs of a given patient.

Veneers: the leading cosmetic treatment.

Veneers are thin porcelain laminates that are custom-made in a lab and crafted to adhere to the tooth. They help correct imperfections in colour, shape, size or position and improve the look of your teeth and smile. Minor changes to the tooth surface must be made for veneers to work properly. Because they are custom-made in a lab, fitting requires two visits.

We have recently incorporated an innovative system of ultra-thin Porcelain Veneers that makes grinding down teeth and other similar procedures a thing of the past. The process is both reversible and completely pain-free.

Our composite veneers are part of SMILE DESIGN, a treatment plan that makes redress of nearly any aesthetic imperfection possible in just one session.

After a procedure that generally lasts about four hours, patients leave our clinic with a smile looking nothing short of brand new.

The process, in which teeth are reshaped using a material called composite, consists in positioning the thin shells on the tooth surface and modelling them right there—no need for work in the lab. It is also painless (typically precluding both prep work on the dental tissue and anaesthesia) and in most cases is totally reversible.

The colour of one’s teeth is tied to genetic factors. Nevertheless, solutions exist that are both internal and external.

Teeth whitening is a technique that makes the colour of teeth brighter.

The procedure involves application of gel on the dental surface that, when photoactivated, lightens teeth colour. Philips ZOOM, our system in the clinic, is the world leader in dental whitening. The entire, start-to-finish process, which leaves teeth 5 to 7 shades lighter, is complete in just one session.

The procedure is totally painless if performed under the supervision of a professional.

Gums, aside from holding our teeth in place, are also what frames them.

Gums that are outsized, too thin, receding or unhealthy often create smiles that come up short on charm.

We offer an array of techniques that make gums healthier and restore proper thickness and position.

Gaps between teeth, particularly in the front of the mouth, can have an unfortunate effect on smiles.

Our simple, pain-free and completely reversible technique involves closing gaps with composite material. With one short visit, results are stunning.

Chipped or cracked front teeth don’t necessarily require prosthetics. In most cases, they can be rebuilt with composite. The advantage with this technique is that restorative material is applied directly to the dental surface, so fretful prep work that makes your already sensitive tooth feel more delicate is history.

Reconstruction can be as short as one session. It’s also pain-free and, of course, completely reversible.

Sometimes a malocclusion, or imperfect positioning of the teeth when jaws are closed, can make certain teeth appear higher than other ones.

Performed in a single session, this simple technique lets us recontour the gum line of the front teeth, levelling it and creating a more attractive smile.


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