Invisalign® is an invisible orthodontic treatment with results you can really see.

Invisalign® works with clear, custom-crafted aligners which are replaced every 15 days and are part of a procedure that effects the gradual movement of teeth towards a chosen position.

The Invisalign® system of orthodontic treatment is the most aesthetic and comfortable in the world. Completely translucent, it does away with irritating and painful braces and wires.

Since patients can remove aligners before meals and to brush their teeth, there’s no need to give up any particular food. You can continue brushing as usual, too, so you can maintain proper dental hygiene.

Invisalign® offers 3D image generation that is custom crafted for each patient.

Before beginning treatment, Invisalign® candidates see a virtual simulation of how their teeth will move and the contours their smile will ultimately take on, meaning that, from the start, you’ll be able to see exactly what your results will look like.


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